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Tie a durag

Durag can be worn in different ways and have many uses; as a fashion accessory, as a night accessory for hair maintenance and many others, it is important to learn how to tie them well. We are going to show you the different techniques you can use to achieve this through 2 parts:

  1. Tying an ordinary durag
  2. Tie a durag for the night

Tying an ordinary durag

1) Place the durag and the joint of it in the middle of your head in order to have a perfect symmetry, be careful to position the sides so that your hair is completely covered, if you have long hair it should come out from underneath.

2) Take one end in each of your hands and pull them both at the back of your head at the top of your ears so that they are visible and then cross the two ends of the string to make a cross. If you don't want the strings to become too bulky then you can press down on them when you pull and loop them.

3) Once you have finished crossing the strings at the back of your head bring the strings back to the front and do the same thing i.e. cross them at the level of your forehead. Be careful not to tighten them too much to avoid headaches. 

4) You can tie a knot with the strings at the back of your head from your forehead. Make a classic knot that you would tie to a pair of shoes or other, be careful not to tie it too tight and avoid double knots so that you can't untie it later.

5) Once your durag is tied you can lower the cape as much as you wish, which will allow you to tighten the durag and better maintain your hair but also from an aesthetic point of view, you are free to adapt it to your desires. Be careful not to pull too hard to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

6) You can bend the flap if necessary by tying it into the strings of your knot or, if the flap is long enough, tie it into a knot and wedge it between the strings as well.

Tie a durag for the night

1) Turn the durag over and then place the durag and the joint in the middle of your head to avoid the parting leaving marks on your hair overnight.

2) Take one end in each of your hands, and cross them over at the back of your head, and when this is done wrap them around your head so that they pass through your forehead and end at the back of your head again.

3) Find a sports headband or a simple elastic headband and put it on the forehead so that it blocks the durag .

4) Once your durag is under your headband you can gently pull the strings until they separate, which will surely make you more comfortable. You can block the strings at the back of the headband or simply let them hang down, it's up to you to choose what's more comfortable.

5) Fold the flap inside the headband, this will avoid loosening the durag and potentially hurting yourself.

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