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Durag, the fashion accessory of the stars

Originally, the durag was a scarf to be worn on the head to protect the hair. For a long time decried and perceived as a sign of belonging to a community, it has been misappropriated in recent years. Indeed, it is more and more used as a fashion accessory which is declined in models of durag for man and woman that people and ordinary people are tearing off. Thus, in spite of the polemics that it arouses, many celebrities do not hesitate to adopt it and proudly wear it during social events. The point here on these stars of the small screen who have already been seen with the durag.

Women's durag magnified by Rihanna

When we think of durag for women, the first image that comes to mind is that of the Barbadian star Rihanna. It must be said that she is the greatest ambassador of fashion accessories. For example, in 2014, on the evening of the presentation of her award as a fashion icon at the CFDA (Council of American Fashion Designers) Fashion Awards. Rihanna wore a sumptuous Swarovski durag for the occasion, which was a memorable occasion, as it was entirely set with sparkling crystals.It should also be noted that while the singer and stylist never misses an opportunity to wear this accessory, she also works to showcase it in some of her clothing collections. Thus, in 2017, the star is still making a name for herself and her love for durags by having her models wear the accessory on her Fenty x Puma runway show. However, it was especially in May 2020 that Rihanna made her mark by wearing a black durag for the cover of the British edition of the famous Vogue magazine. Far from being insignificant, this act made her go down in history since in more than 100 years of existence, it was the first time that the accessory was so much in the spotlight of the magazine. Rather, it was a beautiful way to celebrate Afro culture in a magazine that never really valued it for a long time. The photo is moreover accompanied by a rather clear title: Rebel! According to the editor-in-chief of the British version of Vogue, if the durag is an emblem of black life, it had never been considered until then as a glamorous accessory of haute couture. It is precisely this image that the cover of Rihanna in durag could begin to be remembered.

Rihanna Vogue durag - Durag-Shop

50 Cent, the durag representative for men

For many years now, durag has been considered an emblem of hip-hop and rap culture, especially in the United States. The stars of this scene were the first to bring it back to the forefront, to appropriate it and make it so popular. It was also because of this situation that he had bad press, since many considered him a symbol of the ghetto. However, if there is one celebrity whose image is difficult to dissociate from the male durag, it is 50 Cent. Indeed, since the 90s, the rapper proudly wears his accessory during social events as well as in several of his music videos. We see him notably with a durag for the cover of his album Get Rich or Die Trying which was released in 2003.White, black, brown, the star does not hesitate to diversify the colors of his accessory. If sometimes he wore it alone, he could also accompany it with a Snapback of the brand New Era. This is what he did in his famous title In Da Club, released in 2003, which in 2020 crossed the symbolic threshold of one billion views on Youtube.

50-cent durag - Durag-Shop

Some athletes who have dared to wear the durag

Durag has not only conquered the stars of American music. Indeed, you will see many athletes who have worn it and continue to wear it. The phenomenon had become so widespread in the United States that in 2001, the NFL (National Football League) banned its players from wearing it. The reason: to prevent them from being inadvertently associated with gangs. Despite the protests over this decision, the NBA (National Basketball Association) banned it in 2005. This didn't stop basketball stars like Allen Iverson, LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony from adopting durag. Even in Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton has already been seen more than once with this fashion accessory. However, beyond the aesthetic aspect or the fashion effect, it must be recognized that the use of durag by sportsmen and women is quite practical in the sense that it keeps the hair in place. As a result, hair no longer interferes with movement. In addition, the fabric used to make the durag allows for effective absorption of perspiration.

Lewis Hamilton durag - Durag-Shop

The durag for women proudly sported by Solange Knowles

Among the stars who have already worn the durag for women at least once are Solange Knowles, Beyoncé's sister. Indeed, in 2018, for the MET Gala, the singer surprised everyone by wearing a beautiful black latex dress and a durag of the same color. In order to fit in with the theme chosen for the event that year (fashion and religion), Solange's durag read "My God wears a du-rag". This means in French " Mon Dieu porte un durag ". The singer then explained in a short interview that she was inspired by the Black Madonna, whose veil she replaced with a beautiful durag. The images have of course traveled around the world and caused some controversy, but they have remained etched in people's minds.

Kylie Jenner, another woman trying her hand at durag

Kylie Jenner also seems to be conquered by durag. Indeed, if she has already been seen once with this accessory, it is especially its appearance in 2016 at the New York Fashion Week that everyone remembers. In fact, she went there with a white durag on her head. As might be expected, this surprising appearance caused an outcry within the African-American community, who accused the reality TV star of cultural appropriation. However, from this story, we will have especially retained that the durag seems to no longer interest only blacks, this accessory still has a bright future ahead of it.

Kylie Jenner durag - Durag-Shop

The durag for men worn by Eminem

At one time or another, men's durag was worn by the biggest celebrities of American rap. Eminem, one of the few successful white rappers of his time, also decided to wear it on a few occasions. Alone, under a beret or cap, he was, to say the least, inspired when he decided to wear it. Even though he didn't adopt it as much as some of his fellow rappers, he didn't hesitate to wear it, for example, at the Grammy Awards in 2003. Surrounded by other rap stars, he chose it in white over a blue hoodie worn over a Jordan-stamped T-shirt of the same color.

Eminem durag - Durag-Shop

The durag adopted by Jay-Z

When durag became a must-have for American rappers, we soon saw industry luminaries such as Jay-Z wearing it on various occasions. In those days, he sometimes covered his head with it, no matter how he was dressed. Baggy, jogging and even a suit. Although the accessory could be put on in different ways, the rapper chose to wear it simply with the strings tied at the back of his head. White or black in color, the durag for men had found in Jay-Z an ambassador who was able to fully play his role.

Jay-z durag - Durag-Shop

The durag years of Nelly

Even though in recent years it has become increasingly rare on the scene, the interpreter of Dilemma and Body On Me has been able to represent a part of African-American history by adopting the durag. Indeed, in her early days, Nelly could easily be recognized thanks to a small white bandage on her cheek and her durags. It must be said that during her rich musical career, the artist sometimes wore this accessory both in her videos and in her daily life. Red, yellow, blue, black or white, he didn't limit himself to colors and tried different styles.

Nelly durag - Durag-Shop

A$AP Ferg or the art of wearing durag for men

Currently, A$AP Ferg is among the celebrities who most often wear the durag. Black, blue, red, white, he does not hesitate to diversify the colors. It is therefore no surprise that GQ magazine called on the American rapper to explain in a tutorial how to wear a durag for men. What the star did in a detailed 6-minute video.

A$ap Ferg durag - Durag-Shop

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