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Durag for women, a must have to stand out from the crowd

Whether it is called do-rag, dew-rag, doo-rag or wave cap, the durag is an object full of history. For a long time set aside, controversial and banned, it has nevertheless stood firm. Today it is a symbol of African-American culture and an emblem of pride for the black community. When we talk about durag, 50Cent is the personality that comes to mind. Considered the representative of the wave cap, he appropriated this accessory and made it known to the world. But since its comeback in 2010, the durag is now magnified by women. Recently seen on Rihanna and Kylie Jenner, the accessory has become an uncontrollable part of the women's wardrobe.

Kylie Jenner durag - Durag-Shop

Where does durag for women come from?

The durag is an aesthetic, practical and symbolic accessory that is no longer presented. It is similar to a scarf, a bandana or a headband that is used in the same way as a cap. The name comes from "doo" meaning hair and "rag" meaning bun. If the name of the inventor is still unknown, at least the long and dark history of this accessory is known.

The existence of the durag dates back to the slave trade when it was used as a means of oppression against black women. The slavers invented it to hide black women's hair and suppress their beauty. It served to underline their status as dominated and inferior. But with the rebirth of Harlem, the du-rag takes a new breath thanks to the transformations instituted by the emergence of the black elites. It began to gain popularity to the point of becoming a common object in the black community.

At the time of the Great Depression, black youth decided to create a free world with its own codes. The object then imposed itself as a symbol of revolution to mark its difference and reaffirm its identity. The Black Power Movement has particularly contributed to the symbolic power of this accessory. Unfortunately, certain excesses pushed the conservative American authorities to ban the object in schools and in the sporting world. A new form of racism led to its demonization.

Nevertheless, the Durag trend has not died down. On the contrary, the headscarf is worn by many Americans and is making a striking entry into the world of hip-hop. It has been seen at 50Cent and several other rappers such as Nelly, Eminen and Jay Z. Among women, it is celebrities such as Solange Knowles, Killie Jeener and Janaelle Monae who propel du-rag for women to the forefront of the scene.

The finishing touch is given by Rihanna who proudly poses on the May 2020 Vogue cover with a black durag. A historical fact that has had the effect of democratizing the accessory even more among the women. In 104 years of existence, this is the first time a woman poses with a durag in this magazine. In addition, prestigious brands such as Chanel have decided to market it. However, they were quickly accused of cultural appropriation. However, their choice testifies to the renewed interest in this clothing accessory and its culture.

Why wear durag?

Wave cap adds real styling value to an outfit, but apart from that, it's useful for protecting hair, limiting perspiration or getting into a solid state of mind.

For hair protection

Some time ago, the doorag was sold with shampoos and hair products. Wearing it is a wise choice to avoid having dry and rough hair due to evaporation of moisture. In fact, the sun can dull your hair's shine and reduce its resistance.

After nourishing your hair with oils and moisturizers, durag will optimize the effect of care. It offers a protection that stimulates the hair fiber to improve the texture of the hair. If you wish to use it to protect yourself against the sun, we advise you to choose a light-colored accessory. Dark durags absorb more heat and reflect less sunlight.

If you like braids but are concerned about hair loss, you don't have to worry. Wearing a durag regularly will help you get rid of hair loss problems. In fact, the accessory gathers the braids together and prevents them from coming loose. It is also practical to keep your hairstyle intact. If you have to go to a party, just wear a doorag for the duration of the trip so that the wind and other external factors don't spoil your hairstyle.

Durag also works miracles when it comes to straightening hair. It's highly recommended for straightening hair naturally, no matter what your style of hairstyle. In fact, it exerts a certain amount of pressure to keep hair straight, whether it's short, curly or frizzy. That way, you can take a break from straightening to preserve the texture of your hair without damaging it. Wearing durag women's straightener while you sleep will help you better control frizz.

To limit the consequences of perspiration

Women who perspire more quickly, especially on the scalp, are confronted with eye irritation. This is due to the flow of sweat into the eyes, which causes an extremely unpleasant sensation. If you are in this case, know that the solution is all found.

When it is chosen in a breathable material, the durag for woman will contain the perspiration and limit the excess heat felt on the head. It is the same during sports sessions where it also plays a major role: the maintenance of long hairstyles to increase comfort during training.

The helmet is essential for motorcycle travel. But it quickly becomes uncomfortable, especially in hot weather. Whether on a bike or motorcycle, the feeling of wetness felt when wearing a helmet is unpleasant. In addition, the contact of the helmet's foam with the sebum secreted by the scalp creates odours that require frequent cleaning. By wearing your durag before putting on your helmet, you can avoid these inconveniences.

To send a strong message

The durag can be worn by a woman to pay tribute to her history. It is above all a militant object that inspires a certain strength and an unshakeable will. By wearing it, you reflect the image of a confident and proud woman. It is also an excellent way to assert yourself and strengthen your self-confidence for a special occasion.

Proud women durag - Durag-Shop

How to tie a durag for women?

Wearing this fashion accessory goes hand in hand with the enhancement of certain African-American hairstyles such as :

  • Lying braids ;
  • Dreads ;
  • Braids ;
  • Waves…

But it is still necessary to know how to tie a durag to take advantage of its stylistic assets. So start by placing the durag right in the middle of your head. Check that the middle joint is perfectly positioned. Then, take each string in your hands, pass them behind your head and make a cross.

Pass them again at the level of your forehead, then cross them again before bringing them back behind your head. Then make a simple knot that is easy to untie, and pull the part that hangs over the nape of the neck to have a good compression. You'll wear your durag in a simple way just like Rihanna did to receive her Fashion Icon Award in 2014.

You can afford to leave the cape out or bring it in. To emphasize a casual style with the durag, some women don't hesitate to put the accessory freely on the head with the strings untied. Although the knot behind the head is the easiest to tie and the most classic, it is possible to try other types of knots for variety. For a flawless effect, the strings are wrapped so that they look like ropes and not strips of fabric. Then, they are hung on the side to give an ultra feminine touch.

Note that the accessory must be positioned so that it covers your skull and leaves your ears free. Use delicacy so that the dorag is comfortable and does not hinder blood circulation. Remember that there is no right way to tie it. With a little creativity, you can express yourself by tying your own according to your taste.

Black woman durag - Durag-Shop

Wearing the durag well when you are a woman

Women have managed to divert the durag to make it a mixed aesthetic object, timeless, timeless. It comes in several styles that can be used to create elegant and sophisticated looks at will. The feminine model par excellence is the lace durag which is both glamorous and delicate. It can be worn on very feminine outfits such as dresses or looks integrating a skirt and a sexy top. The flowery durag will be ideal for a successful feminine and bohemian look. The only condition is to wear it on a plain outfit whose color is reminiscent of one of the shades present in the scarf.

For more originality, you can try the two-tone du-rag. It is recommended when you want to show a colorful look without overdoing it. However, it does not impose the choice of a two-tone outfit. It's a much sportier accessory that can help you easily represent your favorite team.

Are you invited to a club party? Dare the fluorescent durag! It captivates all the lights and transforms you into the queen of the party. If you swear by military motifs, the camouflage durag will make you happy. We marry it with a black outfit preferably.

To make it simple, choose the classic black durag. It goes with everything, but really everything and remains a sure value. This fashionable fabric is also available in silk or polyester, but its velvet version is the must have to add a touch of luxury to your look.

If you want to stay true to hip-hop, just wear your du-rag woman on loose clothing and shoes like dad shoes. However, it's not just for making rap or hip-hop looks. It can be worn elegantly over jeans, a sweater or a t-shirt.

To demonstrate their mastery of fashion, some daring women don't hesitate to associate it with the layering trend. If you are rather sophisticated and minimalist, don't hesitate to wear your woman's durag over velvet pants and a shirt. Finally, know that the accessory is quite possible on the classics such as outfits for work. Don't hesitate to add a pair of stylish glasses to have a resolutely trendy look.

In terms of jewelry, we privilege only one type of accessory to accompany a durag. You will then choose between ;

  • large earrings of round shape ;
  • a large gold chain ;
  • ultra shiny rings.

Whether it is to display a stylish look, to benefit from a relevant protection for your hair or to reveal symbolic convictions, the durag for woman is a weapon impossible to circumvent. To get yours, go to an online store to get quality at the best prices.


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