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Baby durag

The usefulness of the baby durag

It is quite possible to opt for a durag to add an extra personal touch to your child's outfit. It is indeed an accessory entirely designed for comfort, but also for the singularity of its style. Easy to tie and comfortable to wear, it also allows you to shape your hairstyle as you wish. Babies's durags are generally handmade for the best possible quality and size for all age groups.

It can be used in various ways:

  • It allows you to diversify from the mass, it brings a distinct style. It can also bring some pep to your outfit for a unique style.
  • The durag is an accessory for hair. It is used to make waves, braids or hold hair and exert compression to achieve a unique hairstyle.
  • It is also useful for sport, indeed the durag allows to maintain its hair to avoid being disturbed by the wicks. Moreover, it allows to absorb the perspiration in order to avoid that this one does not come to irritate the eyes.

How to choose your baby durag ?

By referring to the material with which the durag was made, you can have multiple choices on this accessory. For your child, it is better to select a comfortable model that will not irritate his skin. Among the available options, you can choose for example:

  • The baby silky durag : light and affordable, it allows to maintain perfectly the hair.
  • The baby satin durag: will allow you to have an airy headpiece and to maintain the hair's moisture. This material is also offered at a very reasonable price.
  • The baby velvet durag is the ultimate fashion accessory, it is adopted by most because its characteristic style stands out from the others.

As for the ideal color for a baby durag, it all depends on your choice or your toddler's preference. In order not to dirty the accessory too quickly, it is just advisable to opt for a slightly darker model. However, flashy colors can also make a big difference.

How to wear your kids durag ?

  1. Put the durag on the hair.
  2. Pull the strings towards the back of the head and roll it up.
  3. Cross the strings on the front part of the head.
  4. Make a nice knot.
  5. Lower the cape.
  6. Fold the flap of the durag if you wish.

The durag must be regularly cleaned for a good hygiene of the child. It is strongly advised against machine washing, as this may damage the fabric. It is enough to clean it delicately with the hand and to let it dry flat and in the open air. It is also preferable to have spare durags.