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Velvet durag

Why choose a velvet durag?

Looking for the best headgear that will effectively protect your hair in all circumstances? Why not opt for the velvet durag? Offering an array of benefits related to its use, velvet sewn doo-rags will be the perfect pieces to showcase your own style in autumn as well as in winter. Realize all your hair follies will now be possible thanks to the adoption of this practical and silky accessory at will.

A little history

The durag appeared in the 19th century. This accessory was mainly worn by African-American workers and slaves during the hours of the day when the sun was strong. At the time, the durag was mainly used to keep the hair in place and prevent sunburn. By the early 1930s, the time of the Great Depression and the Harlem Renaissance, this purely utilitarian function had evolved. Following the American black movement in the late 1960s, this accessory became a fashion statement in its own right. Rappers and athletes incorporated the durag into their look to symbolize a sense of belonging. Since then, the piece has been democratized and has quickly become a trendy icon.

The accessory for convenience lovers

Velvet is known for its character and softness. Worn as a head covering, it provides real comfort thanks to its delicacy when in contact with the skin. To be worn during the day or at night, it is the perfect option for use in winter. You can thus combine the useful with the pleasant through the wearing of this very appreciated accessory. The perfect solution to all your hair problems, the velvet design is not only a comfortable option. Indeed, this fabric is also very versatile in terms of efficiency and can :

  • Effectively maintain your 360 waves. The compression it offers gives it the ability to keep your hair from outside contact even while you sleep.
  • Protects against external aggressions during the day. Your hair will not become drier throughout the day due to exposure to wind and sun. Also, it won't pick up bad odors from pollution (car smoke, dust, etc.). UV rays can also have a negative impact on the health of your hair. By choosing to wear this type of model, you will avoid all these small inconveniences.
  • Conservation of your braids for an optimal hold in the duration.

Your durag velvet will be your favorite accessory to highlight the chic side you have, but also increase the originality of your outfit.

An excellent aesthetic supplement

As one of the most elegant accessories, wearing a velvet durag is a symbol of prestige and high-end. The subdued color of the shiny velvet offers a well-crafted and ultra-chic look, without forgetting its noble and luxurious aspect. Usually with longer straps, doo-rags are as easy to put on as any other fabric-based design.

Ideal choice to compose a sophisticated look, you can select from a wide variety of colors ranging from warm to cooler shades. A durag in orange, brown or red tones will complete a neutral color outfit (white, black, beige...). On the other hand, dare to use midnight blue or emerald green to effectively accessorize an outfit for formal events. You can find on the market velvet du-rags with embroidery to feed the authentic and worked side.

This strong versatility that is always accompanied by a touch of unparalleled trendiness makes velvet durags one of the trendiest headwear items today.