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Silk durag

What you need to know about silk durag

Having become a fashion accessory in its own right, the durag is now one of the essentials for all lovers of beautiful hairstyles. If the big international stars are the main influencers who pushed the adoption of this headscarf, its ancestral use attached to the coverage of black women is well and truly buried. From now on, this supplement wants to be the perfect complement to enhance not only the beauty, but also bring a touch of style to her look. Back to the silk version that is the most popular (and most frequent) model on the market.

Silk; the perfect fabric for a chic and comfortable durag

Existing since the appearance of durags, silk models are the most common on the market. Popular recently since the wearing of celebrities like Rihanna or Beyoncé, the shine of the material is the main element that allows it to distinguish itself from all other models. The elegant look of its satin finish allows you to benefit from an accessory that brings an undeniable chic to the simplest of your outfits. The silk durag is comfortable to wear and use. Silky, its support around the head is maximized thanks to a medium level of compression (neither too tight nor too loose). The whole supported by an incredible lightness allowing to keep a strong ease when wearing it during the day, or as a night head protection.

Tips for wearing your silk durag

Known for its high quality, the silk durag is very effective in protecting your braids or in highlighting a distinct style. The compression offered allows you to enjoy an easier structuring of your hair than any other model sewn in different fabrics. With the use of such an accessory, you can easily achieve any type of hairstyle.

If you like waves, the silk durag is the model you need. To have the best result of waves in the morning, it will be important to bet on a technique and to put in practice some tricks of specific attachments :

  • Start by wearing your durag upside down to avoid having traces of seams on your forehead. As it will be worn all night with a significant compression for a better fit, putting the accessory inside out is ideal.
  • Then wrap the ties around your skull so that the crossings between the two parts are only at the back of the skull and in the middle of the forehead. Insert each end into the previous wrap (do not tie the ties together).
  • Take a headband (like the one used in the gym) to hold the ties and gradually untie the two ends from their previous location. Undo the ties little by little until the ends of the ties reach the back of the skull and are finally tied in a bun.

This method of tying will allow you to sleep safely without moving your silk durag. Other tying techniques can be used depending on the desired result.

Other choices available for this essential accessory

If you have adopted the durag and wish to have several models, know that in addition to the color, you can also choose this accessory in another material. For example, you can add satin or velvet durag to your collection. Each of these models offer different features to discover according to your preference. It is also an accessory that can be adopted according to one's clothing style. Those who are unconditional know already very well how to wear it.