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Satin durag

All about the satin durag

Among the most popular durags among headwear enthusiasts in the store is the satin version. With great aesthetic appeal, this head protection fabric also offers real effectiveness. While this accessory has always been known as a practical item that was once used to protect the head from the sun and to wrap the hair, it now has a real other attribute.

The perfect headgear for summer

If there's one thing about satin that is unmistakable, it's its lightness. Often likened to silk, satin is significantly lighter and offers great ease of wear in summer. It is also as effective as its promise of compression and hold. Even in hot weather, satin durag keeps your hair cool and maximizes scalp health. Unlike other doo-rag materials, satin is rich in protein and amino acids. These provide better hydration for the hair, allowing you to keep your style fresh at all times.

In addition, the softness of satin to the touch maximizes the comfort of wearing over time. Enjoying a strong hold despite its smoothness, this satin headpiece can be worn during the day or at night. Many do not hesitate to adopt this accessory to complete their best outfits, while others prefer to take advantage of its benefits to keep their hair impeccable. The shine of the fabric, comparable to silk, gives a neat look while highlighting the authenticity of your appearance.

A quick technique to put it on

There may be times when you don't have enough time to apply your satin durag effectively. In that case, you can adopt this quick and easy method:

  • Start by holding the durag and make a double knot by tying the tails.
  • Put the durag on your head, seam up or down.
  • Carefully pull the tails back before wrapping them around themselves in a twist. Tie a knot by taking the flap in one hand while tying a knot with the other hand. You will have a ponytail.
  • Finally, tuck the flap in and slide it into the durag for a snug fit and more comfortable wear.

Tips to maintain it

Contrary to popular belief, a durag must be properly cleaned to maintain optimal hair hygiene. As it is used exclusively on the head, this accessory should not accumulate any dirt to ensure its relevance and effectiveness as protection. Fortunately, the cleaning step can be done in a few minutes, even if the use of a machine is to be avoided because of the risks of deterioration that can occur. Indeed, to be sure to keep the shine as well as the softness of your satin doo-rag, it is important to rely on manual washing and air drying. Here are the different steps to follow for an optimal cleaning:

  • Take a bowl and fill it halfway with cold water;
  • Add half a capful of detergent and a tablespoon of detergent. Stir the mixture until the detergent dissolves completely;
  • Dip your satin durag in the solution, making sure to gently rub each part of the headpiece in between. This process will take about 5 minutes for a clean accessory.

If you notice any stains on your doo-rag, feel free to pour an amount of detergent on them so that they are covered. Let the product work for 3 minutes to completely absorb the dirt. Finally, scrub with cold water and rinse thoroughly to remove any excess soap. The drying is done as soon as possible in the open air.

For a better hygiene of your doo-rags, we advise you to acquire at least 2 models which will be to carry and to wash in turn.