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Durag for men : an indispensable accessory

Carried by many rap stars such as Eminem, 50 Cents, Jay Z, the durag has become one of the symbols of hip-hop culture. More recently, sportsmen and famous actors have adopted the fashion of durag on sports fields as well as in VIP evenings with more trendy models. Much more than a fashion effect, it is important to know that durag has an atypical history as well as a real utility. It is a meaningful accessory that is not worn without knowing its meaning.

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Durag : to show cultural pride

To begin with, the term durag can be written in different ways. Depending on the source, you may read "do-rag", "doo-rag" or "du-rag". Contrary to popular belief, this scarf was not born with hip-hop culture. It is much older than that. The history of the durag goes back to the darkest hours of the United States of America, since it was worn by slaves in the 19th century. In fact, it is amazing to note that this fashion accessory worn mainly by men today was also useful to women at the time since they used it to protect their hair during the long hours of forced labour. In fact, African-American artists (both men and women) were revived on stage and on the carpets at award ceremonies mainly to pay tribute to their ancestors. Starting in the 1930s, it was worn in homes in Harlem for its utilitarian value as a protective covering for hair. Since the 1970s, it has been one of the symbols of protest in African-American culture, notably thanks to the Black Panters movement. Then, it gradually became a male fashion accessory and one of the cult objects of rap and hip-hop culture in the United States. For many, durag is associated with a negative image, that of gangs. In fact, it has often been banned in schools, on campuses and also in the rules of certain sports leagues such as the NBA for example. Yet durag should not be synonymous with controversy, on the contrary, wearing durag represents a cultural affirmation, an ethnic symbol.

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Durag for men : a real fashion accessory

Today, durag is mainly worn for style. To begin with, it has become the symbol of rap and hip-hop culture. In particular, it has been worn by all the biggest rap stars such as JayZ, 50 cents, Snoop Dogg or Kendrick Lamar, either simply displayed or hidden under a cap. More recently, the durag has made its mark in the world of sports, particularly on football, baseball and basketball courts. Durag has now become a fashion accessory that can be worn over casual jeans and sneakers as well as stylish outfits. It is not uncommon to see stars wearing them on a suit. Durag is a very elegant men's accessory. The big luxury brands have also taken an interest in it to sublimate it and make it a high fashion accessory. Moreover, designers are declining the durag in different materials and colors to match any type of clothing for men, as well as for women (the singer Rihanna made the cover of the famous Vogue magazine several times with a durag). In fact, a wide choice is now available to durag lovers, which is why, generally, those who wear it have several. Men generally prefer to wear plain or even two-coloured durags. There are also many with printed patterns or simply very colourful.

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Durag for men : a practical object that cannot be ignored

A scarf you wear on your head to protect your hair. By wearing a durag during sport, the hair shape stays in place and the fabric absorbs perspiration. As early as the 1980s, it was seen in the USA on basketball courts or weight training in the streets of sensitive neighbourhoods. Indeed, thanks to this timeless accessory, frizz in the hair due to humidity is avoided. It's ideal to wear it during exercise, when you're working out (because it protects from dust too) and at night to keep the shape of your hair intact. During the summer, the durag will also protect the head from UV rays and can be wetted without any problem. If the durag cannot be worn over a voluminous hairstyle such as the traditional afro cut, it perfectly protects the shape of short afros hairstyles for men. If you are a fan of mini locks, sponge cut, frohawk, braids or waves, durag is for you. Some also wear it on long straight hair or with long dreadlocks. In case of baldness or by the effects of a disease, durag will prove to be a real ally to mask a hair complex with style.

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You will have understood it, the durag is a symbolic object, trendy, and very practical. Today, it has become one of the trendiest accessories of the moment, an indispensable part of your wardrobe to have style on a daily basis.

How to choose the right durag for men

Even if we know that durag is a unisex accessory, it can be interesting to know how to choose the one that corresponds to your needs and expectations. First of all you must define what you are looking for when you buy one of our products; an accessory for your outfit? Start your brushing period and achieve perfect waves? Simply maintain your hair during the night or your sports activities? Even if all of our durag can answer these questions, it goes without saying that not everyone has the same tastes or the same style of clothing.

An overwhelming majority of people love the black durag for its simplicity and its incredible popularity, indeed being the oldest durag it represents a sure value but also, due to its color, more easily matched to your outfit. We can imagine that it is easier to add black to your outfit than yellow! You must therefore choose the durag that best matches your style of clothing and know how to vary between the colors to always have a beautiful set to obtain a visual pleasant to the sight and a harmony between the colors. Several choices are at your disposal; from the minimalist durag to the durag covered with various patterns, we have hundreds of products, enough to find your happiness in a short time.

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