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Six reasons to wear a durag

After a long analysis of the history of durag, from its appearance to the present day and the place it takes in today's culture, it is now important to talk about the usefulness of durag and the many advantages of wearing it; from fashion accessory to the solution to many problems.

A durag for men

One of the first reasons to wear a men's durag is to create and maintain the so-called "waves"; it is to shape your hair in a wavy and curly way that resembles a wave, hence the name. The durag comes into play in order to maintain these by training your hair to rest flat on your head instead of going outwards and losing the shape of your "waves".
It is also important to note that the durag can help you to maintain your "waves" during the night, indeed the sheets can dry out your hair and make it frizzy which would completely destroy your "waves" hence the usefulness of wearing a durag at night which will maintain the humidity and the progress made at each brushing session.

Improve hair texture

Rough and dry hair are two major problems that many people face. Hair becomes dry at first and then rough afterwards, in order to remedy this problem it is necessary to apply oils, creams or other products to moisturise the hair as much as possible followed by the use of a durag to prevent moisture from evaporating and give your hair the smooth and healthy look you desire.

Smooth rough hair

For women with coarse hair, straightening it can be a real struggle. That's why straightening the hair would be a solution for many of them, but repeating this process can damage the hair in the long run. That's where durag comes in, as it can reduce the number of perms needed to keep the hair straight by keeping it perfectly in place.

Hold the braids

Stray hair can become a real problem for men or women who love their braids. The use of a durag can solve this problem by holding your braids in place and preventing the hair from leaving the braid to preserve its perfect look and shape.

Maintain your hair during your sports training

Long hairstyles are more and more popular these days, they give a beautiful look but also a problem for the more sporty among you. Hair can interfere with your vision many times and therefore wearing durag will prevent your hair from disturbing you during your performance.

Keeping your hairstyle intact

A durag can help you keep your hair intact by forcing it to touch and hold it where you want it. It may be a good idea to wear a durag on the way to a party or other event to keep your hairstyle perfect and not let the wind or other factors spoil your style. Just before arriving at your destination, take it off and see that your hairstyle will be the same as when you left.


  • Christian

    Muy cierto, recientemente me compré cuatro durags de distintos colores y han sido útiles para mantener mis trenzas o en dado caso el cabello peinado intacto incluso al día siguiente.

  • Robert

    Is it OK to wear a doorag because I need to protect my bald head from being burnt by the sun and chapped in the winter

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