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How to make waves

Before learning how to make waves also called 360 waves or waves in French it is interesting to define their nature. Very popular among Afro-American men this new fashion was born or at least made famous by the American rapper Nelly, what do the waves look like? It's simply a haircut which, as its name suggests, gives a wave shape to the hair. The realization of the waves requires a lot of patience and a great deal of preparation in order to obtain very beautiful results.

Nelly waves - Durag-Shop

The preparation phase

In order to launch you in the realization of your waves you will need several tools to accompany you that we will list below:

  • A men's brush or beard brush for your brushing sessions.
  • Curly hair conditioner, if you don't have a conditioner a simple shampoo will do the trick, the goal being to make your hair softer and easier to work with.
  • Hair lotion to moisturize your hair
  • Wave ointment to fix and flatten your hair.
  • A durag to flatten and maintain your hair overnight

If you want to have waves you need to have short hair, that's why we advise you to go to a hair salon before starting your waves. Also make sure that your scalp and hair are in good condition to accommodate your new hairstyle and ensure that your hair is healthy. If not, we strongly advise you to treat your dandruff or other problems before you start your waves.

Making waves

Now that you have all the necessary equipment and you have prepared your hair we can start the first step, simply wash your head with a curly hair shampoo, if you don't have any, a simple shampoo will do the trick.

Once you get out of the shower after washing your head, apply the ointment to cover your hair and then using your brush, starting at the top of your head, brush evenly from the top of your head, brushing your hair evenly from the front and sides towards your forehead and from the back of your head towards the back of your neck. Continue brushing until you get a satisfactory result.

Keep your waves starting to take shape, tie a durag on your head for at least 30 minutes. But don't forget to wear a durag during the night, otherwise your waves won't hold, it helps to keep your hair in place and prevents rubbing on your pillow during the night from damaging your waves and making them lose their shape.

Brush your waves - Durag-Shop

Maintain your waves

A great way to keep your waves intact is to simply keep your hair moisturized by humidifying it before you put on your durag.

Try to brush your hair an average of three times a day, brushing keeps the waves in place. But above all, try to continue wearing a durag at night.

Making and maintaining the waves requires a lot of time and regularity, so try to spend as much time as possible to get the best possible results.


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