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Gucci durag : myth or reality ?

Among the fashion accessories that have crossed the ages, the durag is one of the most emblematic. It has been back in fashion for some time, but it is actually a scarf that is worn on the head and protects the hair. Very popular, it seduces celebrities as well as ordinary people. This craze that it arouses with the public has precisely pushed many manufacturers to multiply the offers. For example, you will see scarves in the colors of quite popular brands. However, it should be noted that not all of them are authentic. What about Gucci durags? Myth or reality?

The history of durag

Beyond the fashion accessory that everyone sees today, the durag is actually a true symbol of African-American history.

The origins

Durag first appeared in the United States in the 19th century, while slavery was still the norm in one part of the country. Indeed, motivated by their will of oppression, domination and degradation, the slavers had imposed the wearing of durag on black women. It was then to be used to hide their beauty and that of their hair.

It was only around 1930 that the use of the accessory began to take on a whole new dimension. Indeed, with the cultural revolution that was taking place in the United States, women reappropriated the scarf and made it a fashion accessory that could protect their hair. The male sex also adopted it later, for its capacity to facilitate the realization of the waves, a haircut very appreciated by the African-American men.

The evolution of durag

From a fashion accessory, the durag became a scarf used by young male activists to mark their differences and express their desire for change. Particularly in the late 1960s, movements such as Black Power gave more symbolic power to the scarf by adopting it. If for some time this accessory was discreet, in the 90s, it reappeared in the hip-hop world. It must be said that this was the period of emergence of this new culture which was represented by celebrities like 50 Cent, Jay-Z or Nelly who were all ambassadors in their own way of the durag.

However, the headscarf will also be worn by gang members, which will make it look bad to the public. For a while, it was banned in some establishments and in sports by the NFL in 2001 and the NBA in 2005. This did not prevent athletes such as Allen Iverson or LeBron James from continuing to wear it on certain occasions.

The durag nowadays

Now regarded as a timeless fashion accessory, it has become a timeless fashion accessory, free from skin color and sold all over the world. It is worn by both men and women in a multitude of colors, fabrics and styles, and the ranks of its enthusiastic supporters continue to grow.

In May 2020 in particular, Barbadian singer and stylist Rihanna surprised everyone by daring to wear a black durag for the cover of Vogue UK. However, even before that, she had already made a name for herself in 2014 with a Swarovski model that sparkled because it was set with crystals. In 2017, it will be her models who will be wearing the accessory on the catwalks during a Fenti x Puma fashion show. It is all these anecdotes that make Rihanna considered by many people as one of the greatest contemporary ambassadors of durag.

The Barbadian star is not the only example of the current craze for the scarf among celebrities. Singer Solange Knowles and singer-songwriter Janaelle Monae proudly wore the scarf at the 2018 MET Gala. Two years later, rapper Guapdad 4000 wore a 3-meter long scarf at the Grammy Awards. A$AP Ferg is one of the stars who most often wear the fashion accessory. He explained in a 6-minute tutorial how to wear the men's durag correctly.

Gucci durag - Durag-Shop

Gucci History

Since we hear about Gucci's brand durag, it is important to look at their vision of fashion. Italian brands like Gucci are among the most popular in the fashion world. However, their history is somewhat unknown to the general public.

The Origins

Gucci is an Italian luxury brand created by Guccio Gucci, born in 1881 and son of a leather goods manufacturer. In his youth, after living for a time in Paris, he moved to London where he was employed as a maître d'hôtel at the prestigious Hotel Savoy. He then had time to admire the refinement of the passing clientele, which gave him some ideas.

Back in his native Italy, he decided to open his first leather goods store in Florence in 1921: it was the beginning of a great story. He was inspired by English elegance and style to which he added his know-how and that of the Tuscan workers. It was soon a great success and orders poured in from all over Italy and many other countries.

Innovations in fashion

During the years of fascism, Gucci stood out from the competition and established itself as a highly creative brand. Indeed, faced with a shortage of raw materials, the company innovates and adopts such interesting alternatives as linen, hemp and bamboo. This last material was the source of one of the brand's biggest successes, the Bamboo handbag, which appeared at the end of the 1940s. Equipped with a polished bamboo handle, it combines know-how and innovation. It quickly became a must have for celebrities and women in search of elegance. This bag continues to be marketed today by the brand, in a more contemporary style and in several versions.

Guccio Gucci passed away in 1953, leaving the company in the hands of his four sons. It was at this time that the famous tricolor green red green strip inspired by the world of horseback riding appeared and became one of the brand's symbols. The brand experienced a very glorious era in the 1960s and was adopted by many stars. Thus you have the famous Jackie bag which takes its name from its greatest ambassador, Jackie Kennedy who never missed an opportunity to wear it.

You also have the Hobo bag, soft, without canvas and designed in a unisex style that won over celebrities such as Peter Sellers and Liz Taylor. Later, it's the Gucci moccasins with a metal horsebit that became the talk of the town. Later, the company began marketing scarves named Flora in honor of Grace Kelly, who loved them. During the 1970s, the logo of two intertwined G's was introduced and licenses for the scarves began to proliferate.

Building on the success of the brand at the time, Gucci continued its expansion in Asia and America, opening stores in major cities such as Hong Kong, Tokyo and Chicago. However, numerous disputes arose between the Gucci brothers, which had an impact on the smooth operation of the company, which then became less competitive in the market. Bought out in 1987, the company nevertheless managed to regain its reputation in 1994, under the artistic direction of Tom Ford, who was replaced in 2004 by Frida Giannini, who was succeeded in 2015 by Alessandro Michele.

Gucci today

Once focused on the world of leather goods, Gucci has for many years expanded its circle of activities and offers collections that are unique, timeless and elegant. Perfumes, shoes, bags, clothing, etc., the company has established its brand in many sectors. Today, Gucci remains a source of inspiration for many men and women in search of a refined style.

In 2016, the company expresses its desire to combine its men's and women's collections, a little like celebrating androgyny. In 2017, the brand is still in the news when it decides to ban the use of furs in its collections. The goal? To prove its commitment to sustainable development. In the summer of 2020, the fashion house will show its first totally eco-friendly collection.

Does Gucci make durag?

Like everyone else, you've probably seen people wearing a Gucci durag. The fashion accessory is also sold online at very competitive prices. Faced with this proliferation, we would like to warn you not to fall into the trap, as they are counterfeit. Indeed, even if in recent years, the fashion house has started to make clothes inspired by street culture, we inform you that to date, it does not sell Gucci durag.

Don't forget that the luxury brand is much more specialized in the marketing of high-end items. The prices they charge are generally at least a hundred euros and easily go up to several thousand euros. It is then obvious that Gucci durags sold for only a few euros are not authentic. In reality, the people behind these counterfeit products are just taking advantage of the brand's reputation to offer their products to the public.

Gucci durags are of very poor quality when compared to the brand's original accessories, but they are still quite widespread. The success of these counterfeits is mainly due to their affordable prices and the desire of many people to wear high-end accessories. However, selling counterfeit products is a crime that is severely punished by law. However, if it is so difficult to put an end to this traffic, it is mainly because it takes place abroad, which makes it difficult to stop it at the source. Indeed, most of the time, these counterfeit goods come from Asia, where regulations are less stringent with respect to this type of fraud.

However, anyone who decides to purchase Gucci durag online is liable to have their goods seized by the European customs service and to pay a fine. So just because fake durag offers continue to flourish on e-commerce sites does not mean that they are not illegal.

To date, the prestigious Italian brand does not sell Gucci durag. Refrain from buying counterfeits and always choose quality and authenticity.


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