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Become a durag-shop ambassador

We'll take a look at the details of our Durag-Shop ambassador program.

How to apply?

To apply as an ambassador in our shop you have to meet some basic criteria such as :

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Own one of our products
  • Have an instagram account
  • Have at least 3 publications 

If all criteria are met, please contact us directly via instagram or send us an email at If you wish to contact us by email, please indicate your instagram account.

What are the advantages of becoming a Durag-Shop ambassador?

The advantages of becoming a Durag-Shop ambassador are numerous; you will benefit from numerous discounts on our shop to which others do not have access and a promotional code will be given to you that you can share with your subscribers, according to your results you will receive many items free of charge and a percentage on your sales can be given to you. Our system works in two levels:

  • From 5 sales thanks to your promotional code you can choose 2 durag of your choice that you will receive for free.
  • From 10+ sales thanks to your promotional code you will receive a percentage on each of your sales from the beginning and the next ones to come.

It is also important to note that your photos will also be published on our instagram page, which will boost your popularity.

How long will I remain a Durag-Shop ambassador?

Our ambassadors can keep their role as long as they want, there is no commitment. It's up to you to do what you want. 

How do I use my promotional code?

It's very simple to share your ambassador promotional code with your subscribers, share it on your social networks (instagram photo, story, bio, snapchat...) which will allow you to reduce the price as a percentage of their order and make you go up a level to allow you to receive your rewards.

What are the criteria for a good photo or promotion?

There are no specific criteria for a good photo or promotion, just put our products and the shop in the foreground and explain the benefits of using your promotional code i.e. a discount on their order.


  • Elman

    J’ai envie de collabore avec vous
    j’aime bcp le durag sa mais un style dans la garde-robe j’aime ce que vos proposait
    Et je voulais mon

  • Montey

    I was inquiring on being an influencer because i would love to promote the brand. Dm me on IG @423montey. I am building my durag collection and about to start showcasing my waves as well please give me a chance.

  • Zykell McGloster

    I was inquiring on being a influencer because i would love to promote the brand.


    Bonjour , j’ai 19 ans et j’adore porter des Durag donc si vous voulez … mon Instagram : bjddjr

  • Matthias hilarion

    Je me présente je m’appelle Matthias hilarion, j’ai 20 ans
    J’ai longuement réfléchi et j’aimerai être influencers, je viens vers vous pour savoir si vous pouvez m’apprendre me donner des conseille, j’adore les photos après le confinement je commence un shooting photo, sa me dérange pas de faire des vidéo,
    présente des produits,
    Je suis un peu stressé car je sais pas comment formulais un peu sa je suis désoler, mais j’aimerai avoir tellement de vos conseil et travailler avec vous si c’est possible. Je vous souhaite une agréable journée.
    J’ai postuler aussi sur votre site, e-mail :
    Mon insta matthiashlrn

    j’attend votre réponse merci cordialement, m.hilarion Matthias

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