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Silk durag

Find all our silk durag here

Durag-Shop offers you a large collection of silk durag that we constantly seek to improve and develop in search of novelties. Far from having only simple durag we also propose through several collections atypical and original products for all tastes.

You will therefore find the durag you need thanks to our very varied range of products of all kinds.

  • Different styles (classic, fluorescent, two-tone, etc...)
  • Countless different colors
  • Patterns
  • Superior quality

The usefulness of durag

This remarkable accessory that is the durag has several functions, each one as important as the other; adored as a fashion accessory for the urban or streetwear look it brings, it is also worn for another reason. Indeed, the durag allows to preserve the hair during the day as well as at night and to make waves, braids and many other very fashionable afro cuts.
Originating in the United States, the story of the durag takes us back to the darkest hours of America and now represents a true cultural pride within the Afro community, a symbol of this fight against racism. The growth of rap and the hip-hop culture that surrounds it has also democratized durag for men, giving it an image of a street accessory.

How to wear a durag?

First of all it is important to know how to tie your durag to obtain perfect aesthetics and conclusive results, do not hesitate to take a look at our article explaining how!
Once this one is correctly installed on your head, you must now find the outfit with which you will match your durag; sportswear, classic, streetwear and many others are open to you.