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Shipping Policy

By passing an order via Durag-Shop, you agree to the terms below. These are provided to ensure that both parties know and agree on this arrangement to protect each other and to set expectations on our service.

1. General

Subject to the availability of stocks, we strive to maintain a specific inventory of stocks but from time to time, there may be a stock gap and we may not be able to complete all items at the time of purchase . In this case, we will contact you to find out if you prefer to wait for the replenishment of the article out of stock or if you prefer a voucher.

2. Shipping costs

The shipping costs are calculated when switching to the cashier according to the weight, dimensions and especially the destination of the items of your order. Payment of shipping costs will be cashed during purchase. This award will be the final price of your order for shipping costs.

3. Returns

Returns conditions are available on the return and reimbursement policy you will find the link at the bottom of the page.

4. Delivery conditions

In general, orders shipped abroad may be in transit for 4. However, this period may exceptionally be longer (up to twenty days). This varies greatly depending on the type of delivery selected and the supplier linked to the items contained in the order you made.

delivery time

Orders are generally processed within 2 business days of payment of the order. Indeed, we leave a delay of 24 hours so that the delivery address can be modified.

Our teams contact the storage venues of articles from Monday to Friday during normal office hours, except national holidays, when shipping will not be activated with storage locations.

When you place an order from Durag-Shop, the maximum shipping time is 5 business days. Orders are often sent before 5 business days. However, delivery can go up to 2 to 4 weeks in this disturbed period.

It is important to note the difference between shipping and delivery. Indeed, the delivery corresponds to the transportation of articles and to ensure their routing to a destination address. While the expedition corresponds to the action of making the articles of an order.

It is for this reason that exceptionally, the duration of delivery can go up to 5 weeks (2 working days of order processing, 5 working days of shipping and 4 weeks of delivery).

These are exceptional total deadlines but Durag-Shop wants to communicate it to avoid any source of inconvenience. That said, once this delivery period exceeded, ie 5 weeks, we want to keep you satisfied.

For this, we will offer you solutions like the return of your order to our expenses or the creation of a good gift whose value will be greater than the amount of your initial order. This does not happen almost never but Durag-Shop begins to be a victim of its success and we prefer to anticipate this kind of situations and let you know what is the policy in terms of customer service.

Therefore, if you have received your order confirmation email 5 weeks or more, please either respond to the confirmation email of your order or send us an email to

And so that your email is treated as quickly as possible, we advise you to put the following information in your email:

- your order number

- The email address used when ordering

- Name

- First name

- Content of your order (same approximate)

- Date of your order

If you send us an email to duragshopfr@gmail.comWe also advise you to make the purpose of the email "delivery time - the number of your order".

Example: "Delivery time - 125698"

Durag-Shop members dedicated to customer service will answer you within 24 hours of email to process your situation.

4.4 Change of delivery address
For delivery address requests, we are able to change the address at any time before sending the order.

4.5 POSTAL BOX Shipping
Durag-Shop will only expeal to postal box addresses using postal services. We are not able to offer mail services at these locations at the moment.

4.6 Shipping of military addresses
We are able to deliver military addresses through the USPS. However, we are unable to offer this service using messaging services.

4.7 Articles Out of stock
If an item is out of stock, we will contact you whether you prefer to wait for the replenishment of the item out of stock or if you prefer a voucher. This voucher will have a value greater than the amount of your initial order.

4.8 Exceeding the delivery time
If the delivery time has exceeded the expected time, please contact us at the email address. duragshopfr@gmail.comso that we can process your request.

When shipping, you will receive a follow-up link from which they can be able to follow the evolution of their shipment based on the latest updates made available by the transport service provider.

6. Package damaged in transit
If you notice that a parcel is damaged during transport, please, if possible, reject the delivery receipt and contact our customer service. If the parcel has been delivered without you being present, please contact Durag-Shop members dedicated to customer service at email address at

7. Rights and taxes
7.1 sales tax
The sales tax has already been applied at the price of goods as it appears on Durag-Shop when you move from your order.

7.2 Import duties and taxes
It may be that import duties and taxes for international shipments may be due upon arrival in the country of destination. This varies by country, and Durag-Shop encourages you are aware of these potential costs before placing an order from us. If you refuse to pay duties and taxes on arrival at your country destination, the goods will be returned to Durag-Shop at the customer's expense, and the customer will receive a refund of the value of the goods paid, less the cost the costs of return. The cost of the initial shipment will not be refunded.

8. Cancellations

If you change your mind before you have received your order on Durag-Shop, we can accept cancellations at any time before shipping the order. If an order has already been shipped, please refer to our discount policy at the bottom of the page.

9. Insurance

Parcels are ensured against damage and loss up to the value declared by the carrier. The loss is computer in the case where the postal service confirms the loss. A delivery confirmed by postal services will be considered valid. Indeed, Durag-Shop has experienced a too high number of cases of customers unfortunately dishonest announcing not to have been delivered only to base us only about the customer's comments. However, Durag-Shop will do its maximum to satisfy you by referring you the items of your order at its expense or offering you a good gift whose value will be greater than the amount of your initial order.

9.1 Process for damaged parcels during transport

We will proceed with a refund or replacement by applying the return and refund policy you will find the link at the bottom of the page.

9.2 Process for lost parcels in transit

In the case where postal service confirms a loss in transit, Durag-Shop will do its maximum to satisfy you by sending you the articles of your order at its fees or offering you a good gift whose value will be greater than the amount of your original order.

10. Customer service

For any request for information on customer service, please send an email to